More Goats

Well I decided that since I have a little free time this morning I’ll introduce a few more of our herd.  So here we go… (Click on the pictures and they’re easier to see.)


Well, I was fooling around looking at the other blogs and decided I’d put up some of the pictures we get of our goats.  By the way next year there is a good chance my sister and I will have goats for sale so if you want, keep an eye on my posts.  We are raising kikos and Nigerian Dwarfs.  Kikos are a meat goat and the bucks end up with long spiraling horns, they stand almost hip height and tend to have a decent disposition.  The Nigerian Dwarfs are small only up to 23 inches tall for bucks does only up to 22; the average though is 17-19 inches for does and 19-22 for bucks and about 75 pounds.  Usually their horns are burnt off since they are a dairy breed.  They produce sweet milk in decent quantities and make good pets, they can also be raised as meat goats.

Amber (white) and Mocha (brown) first two Kiko does, belong to my sister, Amber is three, Mocha 2

Lace (front) and Kenzie (back) two Nigerian dwarf does. Kenzie is 1, Lace is under 1.

Lace, Nigerian Dwarf, they make good pets and learn fast.

I'm hand feeding Torque (left) a kiko/boer cross and Kalypso (right) a kiko doe, both under 1 year old