Christmas Eve news

Okay, Whiskey and Rye are doing great, running around and growing.  Whiskey is 14 pounds or so and Rye is 21 pounds.   I’m working on a video to post of them playing but it’s taking a while so right now I’ve just got a few pictures to share.

Just showing the snow we got recently. It's Christmas eve.

Compare with Mocha's face picture...

I don't know why I'm posting this, it's just funny.

Ok, to get my drift since it’s weird, look at the noses of Mocha and the antelope above again.

Right now Mocha is our biggest doe. She's a kiko and the second Kiko we ever got. My mom is standing beside her, holding a treat. Give you an idea my mom is 5' 7" or so... Big goat for the breed if nothing else

Ace, my newest Nigerian Dwarf buck. He's about four I think. He'll be the father of three of the Nigerian Dwarf does' kids this spring.

This is the cuteness factor that I see almost every morning in the winter. All the Nigerian dwarfs huddled together. These are Kenzie, Barbie, and Bunny from left to right.

I don't know exactly when this was taken or who took it but it's cute.

God Bless, I hope you all have a Merry Christmas.


Well, we aren’t getting the four inches of snow predicted, just lots of rain.  The kids are doing great, bouncing and running around like they’re on a caffeine high.  Just for kicks I’m throwing in a picture of our cat, Ember


We weighed the kids and a couple of our other goats this evening.  I just thought I’d post Rye and Whiskey’s weight.


born: 6 pounds

1 week: 11 pounds



born: 9 pounds

1 week: 17 pounds


Just something extra, it was really sunny today and Scotch finally went out of the stall with the kids, they got to play on some tires and run around in the sun… Only had a few problems with fence confusion.  Scotch went through a goat sized gate in the fence and Rye, I think, had stopped in because of the mud a little ways back and then couldn’t figure out how to join Scotch and Whiskey.  Got him back with her and all was good.  The other goats were curious but didn’t do too much.


Ok, yesterday I took Rye to town to show to an elderly lady who can’t get out and about.  It’s kinda nice to see people as happy as the lady was.  Rye wasn’t sure what to think about it, he’s never been in a warm situation and got kinda overheated.  He was happy to get home and immediately went to playing with Whiskey.

Now for what I was posting about in the first place. I posted pictures of Sabre with the kids a while back and now I have an idea just how much they have been playing with him and all.  Whiskey came running to where I was sitting this morning and saw Sabre sitting between my feet.  She pinned her ears back and dropped to her stomach, her front hooves were flat on the ground and her knees up over her head.  She looked like a cat who’s crouching to pounce on some toy or something.  It’s hilarious to see.  I can just imagine when she gets older and has spiraling horns like her mother, something scares her or she’s playing with my sister (goats will play with their humans 😛 ) and she drops down like that.

Watching baby goats play will always make your day go better, even if it is on youtube.

Well, I didn’t know what to title this, so yeah…

Whiskey and Rye are doing great, pictures wouldn’t do them justice right now.  I can’t imagine getting them to sit still long enough to get any sort of good pictures.  Wish I had a video camera…  I’ll weigh them Friday, when they’re a week old to see how they are progressing.

Winter break is starting for me today, I don’t have to take finals so all’s good.  My sister isn’t happy though, she has to go since her grade doesn’t take finals but has to show up.  Last night was a basketball game and played in the pep band, home lost for both the girls’ varsity and boys’ varsity.  Big whoop, nothing new.


Ha!  I was able to get a picture (without rigging it) of Sabre with the kid(s).   I just went out to check on them and Sabre decided the Rye wanted/needed his attention and Scotch was busy with Whiskey, so everyone’s happy! 🙂

Cats make good bed warmers

I wish I had a picture of this to share with you, but sadly I don’t.  It seems Sabre, our small barn cat, is really getting along with the new kids.  Scotch is allowing him, or ignoring him more of, while he curls up with the kids.  We’ve set up a lower roof over the stall so that it’s warmer, the two curl up together and the cat curls up right with them.  It’s really cute to see.  Scotch still doesn’t like him too much though, she likes to bite and pull his hair right at the base of his tail and pick him up.  I guess he’s a little dense because he just goes back and plays with the kids again. 😛

Scotch, Whiskey, and Rye

After consulting a friend, my sister and I came up with names for the two little kids.  The little pale tan one with a white blaze on her face is Whiskey.  The larger chocolate brown one is Rye, going along the lines of Scotch as an alcoholic beverage.  My sister decided the darker one would be Rye because of the color of rye bread.  😛   Whiskey is about 6 pounds when I weighed her like 30 minutes ago and Rye is about 9 pounds.   Hope you had a good day.  I know mine’s been pretty good.  Praise God.