Well I’m not sure if this is really worth putting up, but here goes…

Cord, a Nigerian dwarf doe, the mother of  Black Lace, is with Phantom Gold right now.  She’ll be with him for a month and hopefully I’ll have a couple kids from her next May.  Her sisters, Bunny and Barbie, should be dropping kids from my other Nigerian dwarf buck next March, Kenzie in June or July.  Scotch still hasn’t had any kids and I still don’t have any more pictures yet.  It got to 15 degrees yesterday morning with -4 windchill, yeah, not nice.  :\ I don’t really care for winter cold, neither do the goats.  When you can appease three Nigerian Dwarf does with just a couple flakes of prairie hay, you know that it’s cold.  Usually they mob me for treats, attention, and always alfalfa.  😛

I need to get ready for Jazz band so, adios!


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