Ok, yesterday I took Rye to town to show to an elderly lady who can’t get out and about.  It’s kinda nice to see people as happy as the lady was.  Rye wasn’t sure what to think about it, he’s never been in a warm situation and got kinda overheated.  He was happy to get home and immediately went to playing with Whiskey.

Now for what I was posting about in the first place. I posted pictures of Sabre with the kids a while back and now I have an idea just how much they have been playing with him and all.  Whiskey came running to where I was sitting this morning and saw Sabre sitting between my feet.  She pinned her ears back and dropped to her stomach, her front hooves were flat on the ground and her knees up over her head.  She looked like a cat who’s crouching to pounce on some toy or something.  It’s hilarious to see.  I can just imagine when she gets older and has spiraling horns like her mother, something scares her or she’s playing with my sister (goats will play with their humans 😛 ) and she drops down like that.

Watching baby goats play will always make your day go better, even if it is on youtube.


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