Five minutes of update

I know I haven’t posted anything in what seems a long time. The phrase: “I’m so busy I don’t know if I lost my horse or found my rope.” comes to mind. Anyhow, we’re getting ready for babies to start coming. We’re watching Amber really close. She’s due this Friday but more than likely she’ll probably be a little early at this rate. My Nigerian dwarfs are coming closer, mid to late March, along with Mocha. Should be fun seeing all the little babies bouncing around!


2 Months old!

Well Rye and Whiskey were 2 months old the ninth, so we weighed them last night when we had time.
Rye is now 40 pounds, 13 ounces. He gained 10 pounds since the 14 of January! He was born at about 9 pounds so in two months he’s gained about 31 pounds, pretty impressive however you look at it.
Whiskey is now 27 pounds, 10 ounces. She hasn’t gained so much recently, since January 14 she has only gained about 6, but she is a doe and Rye is a more aggressive feeder. She was born about 6 pounds so she has gained about 21 pounds in two months, ten less than Rye.

We took some reference pictures again, and even though I didn’t show the first ones, I will now to show how much they’ve grown. The bucket in the back is just a five gallon bucket we’ve put upside down so you can truly see size. Really it is right beside the kid anyhow.

Now that I’ve shown our goats and updated you on that. We went over to our neighbor’s house to see some of their goats, they’d had 18 babies born. And figuring I’ve talked about boer goats I thought I might show some. I got a picture of a couple of their kids with their dam. It’s just cute. And since the computer won’t agree with me it is the above portion with the other pictures. :/

Last for today.

I know that anyone who’s following my post by email is probably getting tired of today’s posts. Sorry, I’ve got a free day and I’m trying to get the posts to do what I want.
We have at least four does who will be kidding in March. Amber’s udder is filling so we figure she’ll be kidding early March, Mocha probably a couple weeks later. Then there are Barbie, who’s udder is starting to fill so she is probably close to Mocha. Finally Bunny, who is due in March but her udder hasn’t started filling so she is probably late March. I’m looking forward to all the kids. That isn’t counting if Tiger or Sable randomly drop kids.
I have three names picked for my Nigerian kids, I’m not going to post them though, so if you’re really curious just keep an eye out for when I post about the new kids.
I have only two more pictures to share for today.


Well we got the first rain since December! It’s kinda funny because as I let the goats out this morning Whiskey and Rye went running up to the stall door leading to outside and stopped dead. They both looked over their shoulder at Scotch and me and cried. It was like they were saying “Mama what’s happening? What’s falling on us?” It got even better when Scotch decided she wanted to go to another stall and didn’t get the babies’ attention before leaving. They started screaming, I swear they were saying “Mama! You where are you? The SKY is FALLING! Where are you?!” It was really funny to watch them. I’m going to try to get some pictures when I go out in a little bit so I might have something more to post in a little bit.