Last for today.

I know that anyone who’s following my post by email is probably getting tired of today’s posts. Sorry, I’ve got a free day and I’m trying to get the posts to do what I want.
We have at least four does who will be kidding in March. Amber’s udder is filling so we figure she’ll be kidding early March, Mocha probably a couple weeks later. Then there are Barbie, who’s udder is starting to fill so she is probably close to Mocha. Finally Bunny, who is due in March but her udder hasn’t started filling so she is probably late March. I’m looking forward to all the kids. That isn’t counting if Tiger or Sable randomly drop kids.
I have three names picked for my Nigerian kids, I’m not going to post them though, so if you’re really curious just keep an eye out for when I post about the new kids.
I have only two more pictures to share for today.


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