More Kids

Well I had to stop and see what all I had posted about before typing this up. Tells you how busy I’ve been. 🙂 Mocha’s kids: Blu Moon and American Pi are doing great they are both a little over 13 pounds now, at a few days over three weeks old I believe. Magpie and Kitty are doing fine also, they are both about 10 pounds or so if I remember right. Pharaoh just passed the 4 pound mark this week and Diago is 5 pounds something. I’m to lazy right now to both checking. I’ve had a long day :/ Tiger had her kids today while I was at a band competition. She had two bucklings, boys, the first is Puma, he’s about the same color as a mountain lion- his namesake- and weighs 8 pounds 3 oz. His younger brother is Jaguar, he’s about the same color as his mother, black with tan/cream striping around his face, tail, and ears, and the same color from his knees down. While Puma seems to be a chunk of muscle, Jaguar seems to be lacking muscling on his hips and nothing super impressive as far as muscles anywhere else. They both have really thick hair. My main concern right now is for Jaguar as he seems really weak. Hopefully he’ll pick up quickly.
Just an interesting tidbit thanks to someone in Sri Lanka for viewing. The tracker for views on wordpress registered 2 views by someone out of Sri Lanka. I just thought that was neat. XD
I mentioned a band competition earlier and thought I’d elaborate. I play trombone in high school for those that didn’t know. Today was our Regional solo/small ensemble competition. I got a 1 out of 5 ranking, 1 being excellent, or 70 out of 80 (80 being the best you can get at 1+), whichever scoring makes more sense. So I will be going to State competition as a sophomore with my solo Andante et Allegro by Ropartz. I’m the only instrumentalist from my school going, Shocking really. I don’t know if there are any vocalist going, they hadn’t performed before I left the competition.
I hope you all had a good day and God Bless. 🙂


Pharaoh & Diago

I managed to get some decent pictures while we finished up chores today.

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They aren’t as friendly as Kit and Magpie were at the same age so it’s doubly hard to get decent pictures.

Good morning!

Well last night about 8:30 I went out to check on Amber, our white Kiko, she was acting like she was close to having her kid(s). Similar to when Bunny kidded though, as I went out the door I heard Barbie. So I got to again witness the birth of twin Nigerian Dwarfs. Barbie had two boys, a solid white (at least he was last night) and a black like Magpie but with more white on his forehead and none on his main body. He had a white chin, around his eyes a shadowing of white, on his ears and looked like a ruff around his neck. The black one was born first, his name is Diago, the white one is Pharaoh. Pharaoh is the smallest born on our place so far at just 2 lbs 15 oz. Diago was 3 lbs 10 oz.
I don’t have any pictures right now but I have a video I uploaded yesterday of the other four playing. My sister was taking the video and was moving a lot sorry. The blurriness clears up quickly.

Week Old

Well all four babies are a week old now. They’re all doing great and picking up weight. Bunny was still dirty and I couldn’t brush her off so I brought her inside and gave her a bath. To keep the babies calm and safe I brought them in also and my grandma and sister held them while Bunny was being washed. I came back out to find Kit falling asleep on my sister’s stomach. I just had to get a picture of it and thought I’d share it.

Kitty falling asleep with my sister in our house.


Guess what, on March 14th, the day after Kitty and Magpie were born, my sister’s Kiko, Mocha, had her kids. Given that it was pi day (3/14) she decided to name one of the twin doelings after that. In this post I’m introducing American Pi and Blu Moon. The first two purebred Kiko kids born on our land (B B Goats). We didn’t get a chance to see these two born, got home from school and found them already dry in one of the stalls.

First Nigerian kids are here!

We had a beautiful day yesterday. One of the days that you leave the windows open just because it’s gorgeous. I was setting the table for dinner and heard one of the goats crying in the barn. I went out to check on it, hearing screaming is normal right now since we’re weaning Rye, but it wasn’t his voice. When I went out I found Bunny (Astartie) kidding. She had twin doelings at about 5:30 pm yesterday. Magpie is the older of the two, she weighed about 3lbs 10oz and is black with white frosted ears, a star spot on her forehead, a small white spot on her left girth, and a white bracelet just under her back left hock. She’s really loud! Miss Kitty is the younger, she weighed 3lbs 5oz and she is also black and white, but she more resembles Ace. If you look at her from the from you can’t see her eyes. She has black boots on all four legs, she’s already fluffier than Magpie, part of the reason for her name. Not to mention while Magpie was(is) screaming, Kitty just makes a subtle mewing sound. 🙂 I’ve had a wonderful couple of days, good weather and healthy kids, Praise God!
Rye and Whiskey are now a little over 3 months old. Rye was weaned about a week ago, weighing 47lbs. Whiskey is getting to stay with Scotch for another month, and when we weighed her she was 32lbs.
The play “The Groom Said ‘No!'” finished with a bang, a true comedy where it seemed everything that could go wrong in the house that everything occurred in went wrong. That means my life has infinitely cleared up and just in time too for the kids. We’re watching Barbie, Mocha, and Amber get ready to kid also.