First Nigerian kids are here!

We had a beautiful day yesterday. One of the days that you leave the windows open just because it’s gorgeous. I was setting the table for dinner and heard one of the goats crying in the barn. I went out to check on it, hearing screaming is normal right now since we’re weaning Rye, but it wasn’t his voice. When I went out I found Bunny (Astartie) kidding. She had twin doelings at about 5:30 pm yesterday. Magpie is the older of the two, she weighed about 3lbs 10oz and is black with white frosted ears, a star spot on her forehead, a small white spot on her left girth, and a white bracelet just under her back left hock. She’s really loud! Miss Kitty is the younger, she weighed 3lbs 5oz and she is also black and white, but she more resembles Ace. If you look at her from the from you can’t see her eyes. She has black boots on all four legs, she’s already fluffier than Magpie, part of the reason for her name. Not to mention while Magpie was(is) screaming, Kitty just makes a subtle mewing sound. 🙂 I’ve had a wonderful couple of days, good weather and healthy kids, Praise God!
Rye and Whiskey are now a little over 3 months old. Rye was weaned about a week ago, weighing 47lbs. Whiskey is getting to stay with Scotch for another month, and when we weighed her she was 32lbs.
The play “The Groom Said ‘No!'” finished with a bang, a true comedy where it seemed everything that could go wrong in the house that everything occurred in went wrong. That means my life has infinitely cleared up and just in time too for the kids. We’re watching Barbie, Mocha, and Amber get ready to kid also.


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