More Kids

Well I had to stop and see what all I had posted about before typing this up. Tells you how busy I’ve been. 🙂 Mocha’s kids: Blu Moon and American Pi are doing great they are both a little over 13 pounds now, at a few days over three weeks old I believe. Magpie and Kitty are doing fine also, they are both about 10 pounds or so if I remember right. Pharaoh just passed the 4 pound mark this week and Diago is 5 pounds something. I’m to lazy right now to both checking. I’ve had a long day :/ Tiger had her kids today while I was at a band competition. She had two bucklings, boys, the first is Puma, he’s about the same color as a mountain lion- his namesake- and weighs 8 pounds 3 oz. His younger brother is Jaguar, he’s about the same color as his mother, black with tan/cream striping around his face, tail, and ears, and the same color from his knees down. While Puma seems to be a chunk of muscle, Jaguar seems to be lacking muscling on his hips and nothing super impressive as far as muscles anywhere else. They both have really thick hair. My main concern right now is for Jaguar as he seems really weak. Hopefully he’ll pick up quickly.
Just an interesting tidbit thanks to someone in Sri Lanka for viewing. The tracker for views on wordpress registered 2 views by someone out of Sri Lanka. I just thought that was neat. XD
I mentioned a band competition earlier and thought I’d elaborate. I play trombone in high school for those that didn’t know. Today was our Regional solo/small ensemble competition. I got a 1 out of 5 ranking, 1 being excellent, or 70 out of 80 (80 being the best you can get at 1+), whichever scoring makes more sense. So I will be going to State competition as a sophomore with my solo Andante et Allegro by Ropartz. I’m the only instrumentalist from my school going, Shocking really. I don’t know if there are any vocalist going, they hadn’t performed before I left the competition.
I hope you all had a good day and God Bless. 🙂


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