Interest & Stress

Well, I mentioned earlier that my grandmother was in the hospital for a heart attack, she got out early this week or last I can’t really remember anymore. She was doing fine until yesterday.  She got taken into the hospital with a stroke, we’re told she’s doing fine, but if you could please keep her in your prayers.

Yesterday was extra stressful, as we were at a dairy goat show in Coffeyville.   I didn’t do super hot but it was a learning experience.  Yesterday Cord also had her babies.  Twins, a boy (Rothgar) and a girl (Edelweiss).  They happen to be Kiko-Nigerian crosses.  Kapitan jumped the fence the day Cord went into heat.  They both seem to be doing fine, though they look funny proportionally.  Rothgar is a blue-gray color like most of Kapitan’s kids, with a white spot on his side shaped just like Cord’s white spot (which you can seldom see).  Edelweiss is almost pure white, can’t really tell yet.  We’ll have to see if any spots show as she gets bigger.  They both have wattles, little growths of skin on their necks that Kapitan is prone to giving to his offspring, thus we’re sure they are Kapitan’s.

I believe that that is about it.  All the others are doing great and I’ll get pictures up as soon as possible.  If you are curious about our herd just go to Have a good day.