Long time no see.  Hmm, a lot has happened. We’ve had four more kids born since Atl was born.  One of my Nigerian Dwarfs got bred by the Kiko buck.  Luckily her and her kids were and are healthy and happy.  She had a buckling- Rothgar- and a doeling- Edelweiss.  Rothgar is a very intense blue color with a white spot on his side. His sister Edelweiss is white with rose dusting.  They’re a month old or so now…

I had two others born also, just two weeks ago now, from the little calico- Kenzie- the last Nigerian who was bred.  She had a buckling- Joker- and  a doeling- Gypsum.  Joker is tri-colored and Gypsum is black and white basically.  She is graying over most of her body, with a white star on her forehead a white spot on her side, and what my mom calls “spats” on her feet.  They both have blue eyes too!

My grandma is out of the hospital now and doing great.  After a heart attack then a stroke, she finally got out of rehab just this week. 🙂

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