Summer Projects II


Well that didn’t work as well as I thought.  I couldn’t get the pictures to lay out right so I figured I’d just start a new post for the other item I wanted to show.  I’ve been doing a little bit of crocheting this year and came up with a design for a  goat blanket.  I needed to fix up some goat blankets anyhow because with the dairy goats you have to completely shave them for show and sometimes it gets pretty cold over night at some of the shows.  So I played around with measurements for a while and came up with these:

Summer Projects

Thanks to the help I got from the help forums I’m back to being able to post.  🙂  And just a thought, I decided to post some of the projects my sister and I have been working on recently.

I think I’ll start with my sister. Earlier this year when we butchered out the wether she had raised, my sister decided to try to tan his hide.  It worked out beautifully, sounds morbid to put it that way…  Any how, later in June when we sold a goat and butchered it out for the buyer she tanned its hide also.  I’m just going to post a couple of pictures of each hide.  They were tanned with hair on.


The back of the doeling’s hide that was butchered and tanned in July.

The hair side of the same doeling

The back side of the wether’s hide butchered in February.

The hair side of the wether’s hide butchered in February


Well I’ve been playing with drawings, trying to see if I could do little comic strips of our goats.  There are tons of comics with cats and dogs doing stuff.  Why not goats?  They’re just as crazy if not crazier after all.  So here are a few of my first tries:


First cartoon image for our goat herd  I get all the ideas for the cartoons from the goats.  This one I was out finishing chores and got a chance to just stand and watch the kiko and nigerian dwarf kids play for a little while.

“Bucket Flight”

Just the inspiration though.  I thought after watching Magpie, one of the Nigerian Dwarf kids hopping around, what if a kid really had a dream of actually flying?  So with the help of a cattle egret who was in the pasture, she hijacked a bucket to fly.  Sadly the scanner cut off her mother on the ground who is totally freaking as her daughter flies up and away.

Caricatures:  Another part of this whole cartoon thing is drawing little caricatures of the goats.  Especially the ones with shining personalities.  Puma’s started as a joke because he was wondering loose in our barn during chores with a lead on, but to keep him safe the black handle of the lead was hooked over his horns.  I looked over and saw him, a chain hangin’ around his neck and a black band around his horns and jokingly called him “Gangsta goat”  and this is where it ended up:

And for anyone curious.  I’m planning on posting more of my cartoons as I finish them.  Hopefully the next one will be done soon. 🙂