Update on the Kiko babies.

Well, I am terribly sorry if anyone is actually following my blog and curious about how the babies are doing. I have been very, very busy with the play, instrumental competitions, and the babies on the ground.

Jamila, Amber’s kid that we had to pull and bottle feed, is doing wonderful.  She is strong and sound.  She got too rambunctious to be kept in the house so we had to try to find a way to move her outside.  My dad had to milk for me one evening and decided to see if  Jamila would nurse off of Kalypso since Kalypso was providing the milk for her anyhow.  Basically after two-three milkings on the stand, Kalypso adopted her. So Jamila is doing wonderful now.

Madeira, the doeling that Scotch stole from Kalypso, is doing pretty good.  Scotch is finding herself a little overwhelmed with three kids and Madeira’s temperament, like Kalypso’s, is such that she’s losing out on some of the food.  So she is being supplemented with a bottle in the evening, making her drastically friendlier.

Sadly, Thor, Tiger’s younger kid this year died yesterday.  He was extremely weak anyhow, and was doing poorly.  We had him on vitamins and as much as we could do for him, but yesterday during a cold snap Tiger took him outside and we aren’t sure what happened, but he was killed out by the hale bale in the pasture.  By the marks he was kicked or stepped on by a horse. So he isn’t struggling anymore… Tiger isn’t happy right now, needless to say.  Loki, the oldest of the two though, is doing wonderfully.  He is almost 20 pounds at about three weeks.

I hope everyone else is having a good day.  I need to go work with some of the goats. Hopefully we will have good pictures of the babies soon!  Check out bbgoats.com for more info.


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