Quick update

Well, it’s getting late, but I thought I should go ahead and post something while I was thinking about it.
For anyone whose been following for a while, thanks to the four or so I know are following 🙂 , the only babies left from this last spring crop that didn’t get homes were those we were keeping back anyhow. Caramel Caribou, Tarragon, 3rd X’s a Charm, and Macabre Calico (Ghost), are doing great!
We have several new arrivals in the barn. Mid-late summer my sister bought back Miss Kitty; she’s one of the first Nigerian that was born on our place. Then that same weekend I picked LPC B Suede up from Dills a Little Goat Herd in Oklahoma. Just about a month ago I bought another doe and a Nigerian buck (that wasn’t planned) Beards & Tales Farm Saidie and Sir Walter Scott (aka Scottie). My sister also bought a new kiko buckling, Sir Basil. A little fresh blood so Kapitan can stay around longer.
And finally just this week we’ve had five new babies. Kalypso had triplets; two boys and a girl. We found out sadly that she isn’t the best mother ever. We now have a bottle baby again. My sister named the bucklings Sloth and Gluttony and the doeling is Ewok (like the little critters off Star Wars) I’m not sure how her full name will go yet. They were born Monday morning and Ewok has quickly adopted to the indoor life. (She absolutely loves my dad). Today Scotch had her kids: a buckling and a doeling. As far as I know the buckling doesn’t have a name yet and it sounds like the doeling may be called Grey Goose after the Vodka. (Alcohol themed after Scotch)
Suede and Tequila are due to kid any time now and we’re waiting patiently.
This months we are going to a live nativity with the goats every weekend. Last weekend was a large Biblical walk through near Peabody,Ks where every evening we took seven goats out to recreate a market scene. Tomorrow will be the start of NIB in Augusta with another market, but Ewok will join us this time. Next weekend on Sunday we’re supposed to take a couple goats to a small local scene for the manger scene I believe. (Yeah I’m falling behind.)
Slight change of topic: I’m trying to sell my four year old gelding. He’s out of Jr D. Hancock and has about 30-40 days of riding. If you’re interested or know someone send them my way 😛 I got accepted to a college in Oklahoma with a full ride scholarship so that what I’ll be doing this coming fall. Positive being the college is a leading goat research facility and has a good business program. I should be able to use the knowledge gained there to help my herd. I can’t think of much else for today and I realize that I’ve gone well beyond the short blip I was planning so goodnight, and good day to you. Shalom


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