Hey there

Well, I don’t have much to write about, but I’m trying to post more frequently so I have to start somewhere.
All the babies are doing great! Amber is back to her normal self, beating up on the others and feeding eating any grain she can get a hold of. Her babies got their names earlier this week, the buckling is now Greed and the doeling is Avarice. Greed is probably the happiest kid ever, I think the only kid we’ve had so far that could be as happy would have been Shakespeare. But agreed is always jumping around and wagging his tail like everything is wonderful…even while he’s having to search out his mother.
All the others are doing well too. We’re waiting for Tiger to kid soon, she is absolutely huge this year. Otherwise everything seems about normal. College will be starting back up this week, so I’m hoping I’ll still be able to post something fairly frequently…can’t promise anything though as I look at the load I’ve picked up.

Happy new year

Good afternoon,
I don’t have much to post, but a friend pointed out that I actually have a couple people who read my posts..so I should try to post more often. I also found an app that allows me to use my iPad easily with wordpress, so fingers crossed.
The last of our does have kidded until late February. Mocha kidded on the sixth, of course on one of the coldest days we’ve had. She had two kids, a buckling and a doeling. The buckling is brown but almost white, he looks like he’s been rolling in the dust; my sister named him Pride. The doeling is simply white, and she’s been named Marzipan. They’re both doing wonderfully and playing with the other kids. Amber had her kids on the eighth. I can’t say she or her kids are doing super well. We don’t know what happened, but for some reason Amber’s mouth swelled up and because of the swelling she stopped eating grain. Her kids, a buckling and a doeling, aren’t sick, but they aren’t doing great since they aren’t getting as much food as they could use. Amber is slowly starting to eat again, though it’s going to take her a while to catch back up. My sister hasn’t named the kids yet since things have been chaotic to say the least.
Suede is doing wonderfully with her two doelings, as are Kalypso, Scotch, and Tequila. Sloth, Gluttony, Ewok, Cider, and Vodka are growing rapidly, I’m looking forward to seeing Sloth, Gluttony, and Cider walking in the ring. We won’t win, simply because we raise kikos. Around Kansas and Oklahoma the way to win with meat goats is to raise Boers. But with these three bucklings may be able to help us change some of that. The way I see it, if you want to change how competitions are judged you have to make it obvious that there is something wrong, currently a lot of the people I’ve met in the meat goat shows believe that they are fine. Boers are winning and mainly Boers are being shown, it isn’t a problem for most because they follow and go with Boers also. Don’t get me wrong, Boers are fine, they have their problems just as any other breed has problems. But what I’m having problems with is what is basically racism within the goat shows. If we can make it obvious that good goats are losing just because they are a different breed then maybe the people will want things to start changing to be more fair.
Now none of that will make a difference with the serious boer goat showman or breeders. It makes sense that they would be happy with how the show circuit is run. But maybe there could be a grass roots movement started with the small breeders and the none-boer breeders…that is how things will have to be done to change. I’m not wanting the show circuit to change just so we can win, honestly I just wish to see fairness, healthy goats winning, and none of this racism.
Well, I should probably quit ranting, among other reasons I could create a target on my back for wanting change.
I think that’s about it for today, I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be going into some random rant that I promise no one in their right mind would want to hear.