Hey there

Well, I don’t have much to write about, but I’m trying to post more frequently so I have to start somewhere.
All the babies are doing great! Amber is back to her normal self, beating up on the others and feeding eating any grain she can get a hold of. Her babies got their names earlier this week, the buckling is now Greed and the doeling is Avarice. Greed is probably the happiest kid ever, I think the only kid we’ve had so far that could be as happy would have been Shakespeare. But agreed is always jumping around and wagging his tail like everything is wonderful…even while he’s having to search out his mother.
All the others are doing well too. We’re waiting for Tiger to kid soon, she is absolutely huge this year. Otherwise everything seems about normal. College will be starting back up this week, so I’m hoping I’ll still be able to post something fairly frequently…can’t promise anything though as I look at the load I’ve picked up.

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