Ha, being punny today 😛
I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve written anything. It’s funny because I remember saying I’d try to post bi-weekly or so. Well that didn’t happen.
I’m now a student at Langston University. That’s in Oklahoma for anyone curious. Learning a bit, haven’t gotten to work with goats just yet but my boss is going to try to get me moved to the kid barn next semester for kidding season. Yay! \(^o^)/ (I found a new type of keyboard for emojis)
It’s the first major cold snap today (thus the title) it was only 30F this morning at 6:50 and supposed to top at 41F today. Fun fun, not supposed to get much warmer this week at all.
I haven’t got much news as far as BBGoats’ herd.. I haven’t been home for a couple weeks and won’t be going back until thanksgiving. (2 more weeks, I’m going to be goat deprived by then.)
Even though I don’t have much news, I’ve got pictures from The summer that I’m going to post today. Maybe I’ll be able to come up with some interesting stuff in the next little while, maybe make posting here a Saturday morning thing or something…if I figure out a topic or something to do I will probably start posting Saturday mornings (that sounds good).
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