♪School’s out!♪

Alright, enough  being goofy.

I got finished with my last final for this semester yesterday and got home in time for Bible study.  After getting my belongings in some sense of organization I decided to try updating this. I promise, I’m going to be trying much harder to keep this updated. (Yeah, I know I’ve said that before, but seriously.) If nothing else once I finish

cleaning I’ll have a desk space that’ll be remarkably easy to use…or that’s the idea.

Since the last time I posted we’ve had several babies at BB Goats.  That is including a pair of Nigerian Dwarf twins that were born about a week ago. Positive, they are both very healthy and active, negative it was a breeding I was hoping for a doe out of but got two bucklings.  They’ll make great pets though.

The first is Malachia, he’s got blue eyes and the white spade on his side. The second (and younger) is Zephaniah, he’s very colorful and very vocal (his voice is what earned him the name of a minor prophet in the Old Testament.)

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