About Alexbks65

Hello, I’m Alex Becker.  I’m a partner in the running of B B Goats, a small goat operation that my family has slowly been putting together.  I’m what you could call the manager of the Nigerian Dwarfs.  I started this blog for a creative writing course that I was taking in college and decided that just dropping it would be wasteful, especially as it started being fun posting what was going on around the place.

I ride horses as a personal hobby and a project through 4-H, I have two that I work with mainly, Genie a paint mare shown to the right, and Bandit a quarter horse gelding that I have sketched below.  Genie is my reining and advanced riding project.  She’s really well broke and an easy ride.  Bandit is a three-year-old that I have been training since he was five months old.  He’s quite a handful, I’m guessing he’s always been since the registered name he had been given before I bought him is PHR IMA Ham.

I also play musical instruments.  My main instrument is trombone though I play around on piano and bass some.

I’m a little bit of a writer and artist.  I’m not very good at photography though, so sorry about poor photos.  Any good ones were taken by my sister.  😛 

I try to keep my blog up to date and easy to read.  If you have suggestions please feel free to write me.  I hope that my writing may be a slight bit informative if I post anything of serious nature or entertaining at the least.

Nigerian Dwarfs, Ace (mainly white), Kennzy (mainly black)


2 thoughts on “About Alexbks65

  1. tnmgillespie says:

    Glad to see that you’re still writing! Also, is it just me or do those goats look really happy?

    • alexbks65 says:

      I’d hope they’re happy 🙂 they’re living a lot of goats dream lives and spoiled to death. I’m glad to hear from you, I spent a little time the other day trying to see if anyone else from our class was still posting but couldn’t find anyone recent.

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