Happy new year

Good afternoon,
I don’t have much to post, but a friend pointed out that I actually have a couple people who read my posts..so I should try to post more often. I also found an app that allows me to use my iPad easily with wordpress, so fingers crossed.
The last of our does have kidded until late February. Mocha kidded on the sixth, of course on one of the coldest days we’ve had. She had two kids, a buckling and a doeling. The buckling is brown but almost white, he looks like he’s been rolling in the dust; my sister named him Pride. The doeling is simply white, and she’s been named Marzipan. They’re both doing wonderfully and playing with the other kids. Amber had her kids on the eighth. I can’t say she or her kids are doing super well. We don’t know what happened, but for some reason Amber’s mouth swelled up and because of the swelling she stopped eating grain. Her kids, a buckling and a doeling, aren’t sick, but they aren’t doing great since they aren’t getting as much food as they could use. Amber is slowly starting to eat again, though it’s going to take her a while to catch back up. My sister hasn’t named the kids yet since things have been chaotic to say the least.
Suede is doing wonderfully with her two doelings, as are Kalypso, Scotch, and Tequila. Sloth, Gluttony, Ewok, Cider, and Vodka are growing rapidly, I’m looking forward to seeing Sloth, Gluttony, and Cider walking in the ring. We won’t win, simply because we raise kikos. Around Kansas and Oklahoma the way to win with meat goats is to raise Boers. But with these three bucklings may be able to help us change some of that. The way I see it, if you want to change how competitions are judged you have to make it obvious that there is something wrong, currently a lot of the people I’ve met in the meat goat shows believe that they are fine. Boers are winning and mainly Boers are being shown, it isn’t a problem for most because they follow and go with Boers also. Don’t get me wrong, Boers are fine, they have their problems just as any other breed has problems. But what I’m having problems with is what is basically racism within the goat shows. If we can make it obvious that good goats are losing just because they are a different breed then maybe the people will want things to start changing to be more fair.
Now none of that will make a difference with the serious boer goat showman or breeders. It makes sense that they would be happy with how the show circuit is run. But maybe there could be a grass roots movement started with the small breeders and the none-boer breeders…that is how things will have to be done to change. I’m not wanting the show circuit to change just so we can win, honestly I just wish to see fairness, healthy goats winning, and none of this racism.
Well, I should probably quit ranting, among other reasons I could create a target on my back for wanting change.
I think that’s about it for today, I can’t think of anything that wouldn’t be going into some random rant that I promise no one in their right mind would want to hear.

Babies and snow

Ewok is doing great, she’s almost ready to spend the nights in the barn with her siblings. Gluttony and Sloth are living up to their names surprisingly well. Scotch’s kids were named Cider (the boy) and Vodka (the girl) they are all growing rapidly! Tequila finally had her kids about a week ago and she turned out to be a wonderful mother, she had a larger buckling- Wrath, and a small doe with a single silver stripe on her back- HG Mercury. Wrath looks like a snowball.
Suede had her kids Saturday night, go figure had to kid on one of the coldest nights in a spell. She had triplets, two doelings and a buckling. Sadly the buckling was dead when we found them, probably froze to death is our best guess. The doelings are doing great now though, a little red and white one- Scarlet Sunrise and a buckskin- Piper’s Paradise.
Friday night and Saturday we got sleet and snow so not much else has been happening. The last nativity we were scheduled for was canceled due to ice but the Night in Bethlehem in Augusta went wonderfully.




Quick update

Well, it’s getting late, but I thought I should go ahead and post something while I was thinking about it.
For anyone whose been following for a while, thanks to the four or so I know are following 🙂 , the only babies left from this last spring crop that didn’t get homes were those we were keeping back anyhow. Caramel Caribou, Tarragon, 3rd X’s a Charm, and Macabre Calico (Ghost), are doing great!
We have several new arrivals in the barn. Mid-late summer my sister bought back Miss Kitty; she’s one of the first Nigerian that was born on our place. Then that same weekend I picked LPC B Suede up from Dills a Little Goat Herd in Oklahoma. Just about a month ago I bought another doe and a Nigerian buck (that wasn’t planned) Beards & Tales Farm Saidie and Sir Walter Scott (aka Scottie). My sister also bought a new kiko buckling, Sir Basil. A little fresh blood so Kapitan can stay around longer.
And finally just this week we’ve had five new babies. Kalypso had triplets; two boys and a girl. We found out sadly that she isn’t the best mother ever. We now have a bottle baby again. My sister named the bucklings Sloth and Gluttony and the doeling is Ewok (like the little critters off Star Wars) I’m not sure how her full name will go yet. They were born Monday morning and Ewok has quickly adopted to the indoor life. (She absolutely loves my dad). Today Scotch had her kids: a buckling and a doeling. As far as I know the buckling doesn’t have a name yet and it sounds like the doeling may be called Grey Goose after the Vodka. (Alcohol themed after Scotch)
Suede and Tequila are due to kid any time now and we’re waiting patiently.
This months we are going to a live nativity with the goats every weekend. Last weekend was a large Biblical walk through near Peabody,Ks where every evening we took seven goats out to recreate a market scene. Tomorrow will be the start of NIB in Augusta with another market, but Ewok will join us this time. Next weekend on Sunday we’re supposed to take a couple goats to a small local scene for the manger scene I believe. (Yeah I’m falling behind.)
Slight change of topic: I’m trying to sell my four year old gelding. He’s out of Jr D. Hancock and has about 30-40 days of riding. If you’re interested or know someone send them my way 😛 I got accepted to a college in Oklahoma with a full ride scholarship so that what I’ll be doing this coming fall. Positive being the college is a leading goat research facility and has a good business program. I should be able to use the knowledge gained there to help my herd. I can’t think of much else for today and I realize that I’ve gone well beyond the short blip I was planning so goodnight, and good day to you. Shalom

Summer coming to an End

County Fair ended yesterday with the yearly clean up, it seems to signal in bold that summer is almost over.  School is coming back into session in two weeks.

This year’s County Fair was interesting, to say the least.  Quite frankly I can’t remember half the days because of how busy I was.  But to cover some highlights, at least in my week,  I crocheted another goat blanket, this one a gray camouflage color for Ghost, Kennzy’s kid this year.  The blanket received Grand Champion in the open class.  My two paintings that I took for 4-H did really well  too.

Sadly only one of our (my sister’s and mine) market wethers made weight and he was just barely within weight.  You see, in 4-H you can sell your market animals on the last night of the fair, if they are within weight.  For goats the weight is 60 pounds and greater.  So out of the three, Hephalump, Loki, and Shakespeare, only Loki made weight.  At the scale house last Saturday he came to only 60 pounds.

The Kiko does did decent.  American Pi, Mocha’s kid from last year that we sold, won Champion AOB breeding does. (AOB means All other Breeds)  Caribou, Mocha’s kid from this year received Reserve.

That was Sunday night.  Monday night we got a lot of rain.  The dairy goats flooded out along with a lot of the meat goats and the show ring.  My two little girls, Charm and Ghost, were standing belly deep in water at 10 pm.  We didn’t know about the flood until Tuesday morning, the morning of the dairy show.  Barbie won Grand Champion Nigerian, and Kennzy received Reserve.  If Caramel Candy had been freshened she very well may have come away with Champion.

Later this month I’m picking up another doe from Dill’s-A-Little goat Farm.  I’m really looking forward to bringing her home.  Kidding will start in November with Edelweiss.  Then in December the new doe along with Tiki, Scotch, and Kalypso.  We are praying that this coming kidding season will go better that the last.

Land of Oz Dairy Show

Well, I had a very long weekend but it went well.  I took seven of my nigerians to Hutchinson, Ks for the Land of Oz Dairy Goat show.  Friday night was a buck show, where Phantom Gold did moderately well.  Then Saturday was the youth show and open junior doe show.  In the youth show 3rd X’s a  Charm, my yellow doeling out of Kordelia and Phantom Gold got reserve Champion Nigerian in ring 1 and IK Caprines Kennzy, (Kennzy) got Grand Champion Nigerian in ring 2.  They didn’t place in the final walks for the rings, but in a dairy show it’s hard to win the best in show with a Nigerian next to Nubians and La Manchas.  Open classes didn’t go so well, mainly because by the time my doe and doelings got into the ring for the open classes they were tired and wanted to go home. Overall a fairly good weekend, though sadly Dove didn’t find a  home at the show like I was hoping she would.


Graduation time

Well, I’m terribly sorry for not posting anything in so long.  I just haven’t had the time.

Since my last post Kennzy and Barbie kidded.  Both kidded within the first 10 days of April. Barbie kidded first, two little boys, one black with a gray ruff and a spot on his head (called Levi) and the second: black with a small brown spot on his back and a white forehead (Sebastian).  Sadly Levi died about three-four days old.  We aren’t sure why he died, he wasn’t acting good one evening, we tried to bottle feed him in case he wasn’t nursing good off his mom, but left him with her, the next morning he was dead.  I am thoroughly tired of the babies dying this year.  I’ve been told repeatedly that it happens to everyone, but it’s just been a tough year for me.  The good side though is Barbie is healthy and Sebastian is doing wonderfully.  He is now the biggest Nigerian kid we have right now, he’s bigger than Magic! She’s a month older than him!

Kennzy kidded two-three days after Barbie, before Levi died.  She had a doeling, mainly white with a tri-colored head (Macabre Calico, or Ghost) and a black and white buckling with blue eyes (Romeo).  Romeo was picked as a pet to go to his new home early June with Hypnotic (Blackberry).  Ghost will be my show doeling this year. Front to back: Romeo, Ghost, and behind is Sebastian.

Romeo & Ghost 4-13

School’s almost out, so theoretically I should have more time to post but I have a new job that is taking a bit of time  and other responsibilities.  So I’ll try to get new posts, just not promising timeliness. 🙂