Summer coming to an End

County Fair ended yesterday with the yearly clean up, it seems to signal in bold that summer is almost over.  School is coming back into session in two weeks.

This year’s County Fair was interesting, to say the least.  Quite frankly I can’t remember half the days because of how busy I was.  But to cover some highlights, at least in my week,  I crocheted another goat blanket, this one a gray camouflage color for Ghost, Kennzy’s kid this year.  The blanket received Grand Champion in the open class.  My two paintings that I took for 4-H did really well  too.

Sadly only one of our (my sister’s and mine) market wethers made weight and he was just barely within weight.  You see, in 4-H you can sell your market animals on the last night of the fair, if they are within weight.  For goats the weight is 60 pounds and greater.  So out of the three, Hephalump, Loki, and Shakespeare, only Loki made weight.  At the scale house last Saturday he came to only 60 pounds.

The Kiko does did decent.  American Pi, Mocha’s kid from last year that we sold, won Champion AOB breeding does. (AOB means All other Breeds)  Caribou, Mocha’s kid from this year received Reserve.

That was Sunday night.  Monday night we got a lot of rain.  The dairy goats flooded out along with a lot of the meat goats and the show ring.  My two little girls, Charm and Ghost, were standing belly deep in water at 10 pm.  We didn’t know about the flood until Tuesday morning, the morning of the dairy show.  Barbie won Grand Champion Nigerian, and Kennzy received Reserve.  If Caramel Candy had been freshened she very well may have come away with Champion.

Later this month I’m picking up another doe from Dill’s-A-Little goat Farm.  I’m really looking forward to bringing her home.  Kidding will start in November with Edelweiss.  Then in December the new doe along with Tiki, Scotch, and Kalypso.  We are praying that this coming kidding season will go better that the last.

Land of Oz Dairy Show

Well, I had a very long weekend but it went well.  I took seven of my nigerians to Hutchinson, Ks for the Land of Oz Dairy Goat show.  Friday night was a buck show, where Phantom Gold did moderately well.  Then Saturday was the youth show and open junior doe show.  In the youth show 3rd X’s a  Charm, my yellow doeling out of Kordelia and Phantom Gold got reserve Champion Nigerian in ring 1 and IK Caprines Kennzy, (Kennzy) got Grand Champion Nigerian in ring 2.  They didn’t place in the final walks for the rings, but in a dairy show it’s hard to win the best in show with a Nigerian next to Nubians and La Manchas.  Open classes didn’t go so well, mainly because by the time my doe and doelings got into the ring for the open classes they were tired and wanted to go home. Overall a fairly good weekend, though sadly Dove didn’t find a  home at the show like I was hoping she would.


Graduation time

Well, I’m terribly sorry for not posting anything in so long.  I just haven’t had the time.

Since my last post Kennzy and Barbie kidded.  Both kidded within the first 10 days of April. Barbie kidded first, two little boys, one black with a gray ruff and a spot on his head (called Levi) and the second: black with a small brown spot on his back and a white forehead (Sebastian).  Sadly Levi died about three-four days old.  We aren’t sure why he died, he wasn’t acting good one evening, we tried to bottle feed him in case he wasn’t nursing good off his mom, but left him with her, the next morning he was dead.  I am thoroughly tired of the babies dying this year.  I’ve been told repeatedly that it happens to everyone, but it’s just been a tough year for me.  The good side though is Barbie is healthy and Sebastian is doing wonderfully.  He is now the biggest Nigerian kid we have right now, he’s bigger than Magic! She’s a month older than him!

Kennzy kidded two-three days after Barbie, before Levi died.  She had a doeling, mainly white with a tri-colored head (Macabre Calico, or Ghost) and a black and white buckling with blue eyes (Romeo).  Romeo was picked as a pet to go to his new home early June with Hypnotic (Blackberry).  Ghost will be my show doeling this year. Front to back: Romeo, Ghost, and behind is Sebastian.

Romeo & Ghost 4-13

School’s almost out, so theoretically I should have more time to post but I have a new job that is taking a bit of time  and other responsibilities.  So I’ll try to get new posts, just not promising timeliness. 🙂

Happy Easter

Well, Sampson, Bunny’s surviving kid is thriving and already has a new home, which he will be going to late April!  Lace kidded on the Tuesday following Bunny’s kids, on the 5th of March.  She had two nice black and white doelings, sadly one has a twisted nose and a ‘cat lip’, think a mild cleft palette.  She’s doing great though.  The two are Blackberry (one with a cat lip) and Black Magic. Black Magic already has a home pegged for her once she’s weaned.  I’m hoping someone who wants just a pet or a milking doe will pick up Blackberry, she won’t be registered and she definitely isn’t show quality, but if she develops an udder anything like her mother, or her grandmother(s) she will be a producer and a  half!

Kord had triplets on the 10th, three beautiful doelings.  We almost lost the last one, she had her head turned back and under when she was being born so our vet had to come out to get her straightened out.  Thank the Lord for vets!  The second born had to be taken from her mother because she was too weak to get to food and compete with her two bigger (size) sisters.  She is doing great now and has spent several days with my grandmother while I’m at school.  In order they’re: Wings Ofa Dove (white), Littlest Angel (white), and 3rd X’s a Charm (honey yellow & white).  They’re growing great and doing wonderfully.  Again they should all be producers, Charm is a beautiful doeling and my sister has already claimed her for the show season.

Barbie and Kennzy are the only ones left to kid this season.  They are due this week or so, and Barbie is acting like it could be just about any time.  Hopefully they’ll be uneventful kiddings and healthy, strong kids.

On a light note, I found a video on the internet earlier that I think is wonderful.  I don’t know how many have heard of the “Harlem Shake”, basically it’s a very weird dance to ‘dubstep’.  I don’t really care for it (Harlem Shake), but this one caught my eye.  It is definitely worth the 30 seconds to watch it.

Hope you have a Happy Easter.  I’ll post again soon. Hopefully some pictures?

It’s been a very long week…

Well, we finally got our snow.  Over a foot I believe from the Wednesday before last to this last Monday. So I didn’t have to go to school for half the week. Good part was I got a lot done around the house, bad that this last week was tech week for the spring play.  So Wednesday and Thursday evenings and Friday morning, the cast of The Bold, The Young, and The Murdered was cramming to finish the show for this Friday and Saturday.  Thankfully we pulled it off and it turned out wonderfully.  That is the main reason I haven’t been able to post for a while, also my parents were in a car wreck so I’ve been having to take care of a lot more of the household responsibilities the last two weeks. 

The day after Thor died we were given a kiko buckling to bottle raise by a friend, he was a triplet and for his, his siblings’, and his mother’s health he was pulled and sent with us.  I named him Shakespeare and he has been living in the house until this Tuesday after the snow had stopped, then he was spending the day outside and coming inside at night.  This evening will be the first night he has to spend in the barn.  He gets along great with Jamila so he’ll do fine. All the other kiko kids are doing great too.

On a slightly sadder note: Bunny (Astartie) had her kids this last Thursday.  I went to put Shakespeare out and she was having them.  I got to see the second born and then had to go to school.  Texting my parents between classes, I got to keep track of how things were going.  Bunny had five kids… the fourth was a stillborn and the fifth had her head turned back so luckily a neighbor (and friend) who knew what he was doing, was able to come over and help her.  The first and last kid were fairly strong for being about 10 days premature, the second and third not so much.  The second and third were pulled overnight to try to keep them warm and alive.  Sadly, when I went out Friday morning the fifth was dead, later that morning the second died, then in the afternoon we took the third in to the vet’s office.  He died while we were there.  She made it clear that there was nothing for it… The kids were premature; 10 days for a goat is close to a month for a human, so their lungs weren’t developed enough. The first is still alive.  He was even trying to jump a little bit this morning! I named him Sampson, he is out of Phantom Gold, my younger buck, and he is definitely colored differently than last year’s Nigerian kids.  He is white with spots of tan and a dark streak down his back wherever there is a tan spot.  Please, if it is your religion, send prayers for him I would be deeply grateful.  I don’t want to have the last kid die out of this group. 

Black Lace and Kordelia will be kidding from later this week to the end of March.  I’ve got Lace marked for this week and I have no idea on Kordelia, but she will be in March.

I hope everyone is having a good week and God bless.

Update on the Kiko babies.

Well, I am terribly sorry if anyone is actually following my blog and curious about how the babies are doing. I have been very, very busy with the play, instrumental competitions, and the babies on the ground.

Jamila, Amber’s kid that we had to pull and bottle feed, is doing wonderful.  She is strong and sound.  She got too rambunctious to be kept in the house so we had to try to find a way to move her outside.  My dad had to milk for me one evening and decided to see if  Jamila would nurse off of Kalypso since Kalypso was providing the milk for her anyhow.  Basically after two-three milkings on the stand, Kalypso adopted her. So Jamila is doing wonderful now.

Madeira, the doeling that Scotch stole from Kalypso, is doing pretty good.  Scotch is finding herself a little overwhelmed with three kids and Madeira’s temperament, like Kalypso’s, is such that she’s losing out on some of the food.  So she is being supplemented with a bottle in the evening, making her drastically friendlier.

Sadly, Thor, Tiger’s younger kid this year died yesterday.  He was extremely weak anyhow, and was doing poorly.  We had him on vitamins and as much as we could do for him, but yesterday during a cold snap Tiger took him outside and we aren’t sure what happened, but he was killed out by the hale bale in the pasture.  By the marks he was kicked or stepped on by a horse. So he isn’t struggling anymore… Tiger isn’t happy right now, needless to say.  Loki, the oldest of the two though, is doing wonderfully.  He is almost 20 pounds at about three weeks.

I hope everyone else is having a good day.  I need to go work with some of the goats. Hopefully we will have good pictures of the babies soon!  Check out for more info.


This has been a long week.  I’m sorry if anyone was curious what all was going on with the babies… Mocha had her kids last Saturday night, Caribou and Mousse whom I posted pictures of already.  Monday afternoon Kalypso and Scotch also had their kids.  Kalypso had a single doeling (Madeira), but Scotch took Madeira as hers, leaving Kalypso terribly upset and now being milked. Scotch had a buckling (Port) and a doeling (Rum).  Tuesday afternoon about 3, Amber had her kids, she had triplets: a buckling (Hephalump), a doeling (Jamila), and another doeling (Tarragon).  Jamila was so weak when she was born she couldn’t even rock herself up off her side and it was really cold out so we brought her in to keep her alive, hoping Amber would take her back the next day.  Amber didn’t so Jamila is now a bottle baby staying in the house with us and following out for chores.  Finally Tiger had her kids Wednesday night about 8. She had two beautiful red boer/kiko bucklings, the oldest and darkest named Loki and the younger and lighter one Thor.


Mousse (1-13): 7.8 lbs (1 day)

Caribou (1-13): 7 lbs (1 day)

Madeira (1-16): 8 lbs (2 days)

Rum (1-16): 7 lbs (2 days)

Port (1-16): 7.8 lbs (2 days)

Hephalump (1-16): 6.8 lbs (1 day)

Jamila (1-16): 5 lbs (1 day)

Tarragon (1-16): 5.8 lbs (1 day)

Loki (1-18): 7.8 lbs (2 days)

Thor (1-18): 7.6 lbs (2 days)

I marked how old they had been when they were weighed so you could see the difference 1 day makes and the difference between twins and triplets (Amber’s kids).  You can also see Madeira being the heaviest 2 day old, she was a single and also very stout.

Caramel Caribou 1-18

Caramel Caribou 1-18

Chocolate Mousse 1-18

Chocolate Mousse 1-18

Madeira 1-18

Madeira 1-18

Rum 1-18

Rum 1-18

Port 1-18

Port 1-18

Hephalump 1-18

Hephalump 1-18

Jamila (Egyptian for Beauty) 1-18

Jamila (Egyptian for Beauty) 1-18

Terragon 1-18

Tarragon 1-18

Loki 1-18 (boer/kiko)

Loki 1-18 (boer/kiko)

Thor 1-18 (boer/kiko)

Thor 1-18 (boer/kiko)

They are all doing beautifully now.  Kalypso’s milk is going to Jamila which really makes me think about everything happening for a reason.  All in God’s plan.  ?  We are finished with kidding until March! Maybe I can get some more sleep? Probably not, oh well.

Well, I only have one more picture to share just because it is really cute.

Just trying it on for size.  I small dog blanket fits Caribou perfectly, at 1 day old.

Just trying it on for size. I small dog blanket fits Caribou perfectly, at 1 day old.

Pictures of Mousse & Caribou

Well got pictures of Mousse and Caribou this morning and weighed them since they were dry enough not to get too cold.  Mousse is the darker of the two and weighed at 7.8 lbs this morning, Caribou looks a lot like Mocha with light brown and dark stripe, she weighed 7.0 lbs this morning.

First 2013 Kids!

Guess what! Our first kids hit the ground this evening! We’ve been watching Tiger for a week expecting kids at anytime, so guess what? Mocha decided she’d have her kids today.  Not yesterday when it was about 50 degrees outside, but today; it never got above 30… Any how Mocha had two kids this evening, a buckling that my sister named  Chocolate Mousse, and a doeling named Caramel Caribou.  I thought we have good pictures that I could post, but no, every picture turned out blurry and messed up.  So going to have to wait a day or so to get a decent picture.

Pharaoh and Diago finally got a home last week!  D & B boarding stables in Wichita took them in as an addition to their barn.  I’m so glad that they got a great home! Thank you D & B!

P.S. Still no kids from Tiger.