Writing Portfolio

Short Story

This is my short story: Freeze Brands and Hope.  The main characters are John St. Michael Woodridge and Samantha.  I wrote it from John’s point of view in third person.  I have revised it several times, though probably not as much as some would say is necessary.  The  wall I keep hitting with revising is staying with the story line.  I tried to reveal John and Samantha’s background through speech and memories, not by exposition. I also tried to make their speech slightly different, since they both came from the same city/town it wasn’t to big a difference but enough to show that they’re different people.

Sadly I can’t say that Freeze Brands and Hope is my best story.  I wish I could but I’m not going to lie to you.  Freeze Brands and Hope is about the only story I’ve written that I’ve edited and finished to this point so that I could just about publish it.  Part of that is because I like to write novel length stories so they don’t necessarily ever end for me and editing it very difficult.  I tried to be descriptive so that the reader could see what I saw without taking up whole pages of just description.

Sound Poem

This is my first choice for poetry.  Out of the poems we wrote over this semester it is almost definitely my best.  Probably the best poem I’ve ever written since I never really wrote poetry before this year.  I chose to describe a trombone and trombonist when I was trying to come up with something to write about and saw how the light was playing on my trombone, which was on its stand in my room.  I used a lot of alliteration, most of which I hadn’t even realized until it was pointed out in a peer review. I didn’t do much with meter in this poem since I can’t seem to hear or feel the meter while I’m writing and seldom when I’m reading.  I came up with the poem shortly after I had a solo in a Jazz Band concert so that helped a bit, kind of how all my writing is, it changes as I go through different parts of life.  I also put it as sort of a riddle, I never state right out that I’m talking about a trombone.  Probably my ornery streak coming out and wanting people to have to think about it.  Anyhow, that is my first choice which I just finished editing, hope you enjoy it.

Free Form Poem

This is my favorite poem really but not the best as far as technique and style.  I chose to kind of manipulate some of my thoughts and feelings from a relationship and end up with sort of a fantasized and dramatized poem.  I’ve edited it more times then I can count and I’m just hoping it sounds better now.  I’ve been told that the ending isn’t great, that it left the reader hanging.  I tried to fix that some, but I don’t know what it should end and it never will end, you just have to keep going, which is kind of what I put in with the edits.  I used a few allusions to mythology.  I didn’t use very many rhymes or anything as far as that.  Hopefully you enjoy it or more you understand it a little.

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