I’ve gone

so long in my little box;

a coffin some may say

which I built from outside-in

and polish day to day

to protect my soft flesh and stay

with fragile bones in place.


You broke the lock

and tore apart

the faded satin lining.


“Run with me” you said

and pulled my walls away.

Pandora’s box again,

Dead man’s chest ripped open


Sand is all

that shifts between

my heart

and all the world.

A shifting wall

failing to hold back

all the pain.


Now you watch me

stand alone

shivering in my skin.

No hard shell to hold it

my tongue leaps

happy to be wanted;

while my mind screams

telling me to flee.


You turn away

the creature that you found,

a girl

weak and stumbling

wasn’t what you wanted.


I try to shelter

in your shadow;

try to cling to your arm

but you walk away.


My box in pieces;

my shell apart,

you left me unguarded.

My mind laughs at

my stuttering heart.

It could never have been true.


I look at the wreck

of what was my life

and know I gambled

too much. Maybe

I’ll find a new rock

to cling on,

or I’ll build a knew chest

But for now

I wander

and flinch away

to keep my flesh from being torn

by any thorn.


I can’t seem

to force my hands

to build the bricks

up again

to hide behind

and to watch fall apart again.

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