New kid & Video

Well, I’m slow to get around to this, sorry, I’ve been really busy.
My sister’s kiko- Amber- finally had her kids. A buckling and a doeling. Sadly the buckling died shortly after birth. The doeling is called Atlatl, an atlatl is a spear-like weapon from what I can gather that people would throw. It seems slightly more accurate since they use a release of sorts to hold it. If you’re confused now, trust me, you’re not alone, I don’t get it either. Oh well. She is half-sister to Blu and Pi and her color is right between. She has a blue line on her back, a roan-y red on her sides and a white face. She was born on the twelfth.

Now the video. Sadly this video was taken the day before my grandma was taken to the hospital with a heart attack. That is part of the reason I haven’t posted much recently; our lives are kind of in chaos. This is the first video of Puma with everyone else. The Nigerians are getting really hyper and the kikos are managing their long legs a lot better now. 🙂

New website

Well, I’m not sure if I’m supposed to post this, but I have a new website that I’m building up. Trying to get our herd out there so there might be more buyers.
Anyhow I’ll still post on here for anyone interested about more news around our farm.
Here’s the link:


Well Jaguar and Puma were two days old today. How I said Jaguar wasn’t doing good, my mother took him to the vet a little under an hour ago, he had a very bad heart murmur. He had to be put down because it wasn’t economical or fair to him to try to keep him alive. He’s with God now…

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I hope you had a good day. God bless all creatures great and small…