Well, I’ve had an interesting day. Took PSAT this morning, found out about two hours later how to do the final math problem.  Fun.  Got home today and checked my email: promptly got cussed out by a person on YouTube for trying to tell a couple others to quit being so rude to the first person.  I’m so glad people are grateful.  Then got on here… I haven’t had a lot of time to keep up with the inbox of comments that are more-than-likely spam and found I had several spam messages with really interesting sender names. Why can’t the spam filter pick up more of the messages that are really, really weird?

Anyhow, about the goats which is probably all the few of you reading this are interested in. We’ve got half of our herd out on a boys’ ranch right now eating the weeds out of their lagoons.  Hopefully Diago and Pharaoh will find permanent homes with the boys out there. 🙂  The kiko does are all planned to kid in January  or February and the nigerians will be kidding about March and April.  I’m looking forward to seeing all the little babies again.

I can’t think of much else to update without going into a rant that no one wants to hear.  I hope you all have a good evening.


above: my sister sitting with  the goats on the ranch


Above: The kids are so helpful with putting up their shelter. Later they were found standing on top of it when it was up.


Above: Driving T-posts is an art… not really, I just got nominated to drive them while my dad held the panels to the U shape.