4-H records finished!

Hey, finally got to slow down a little bit to put in an update.  We just got back from the State Fair, showing our horses and my Nigerian Dwarfs.  I didn’t do amazing, but this is my first year showing goats, and the others showing have been building or buying their herds for years.  I’m happy with how it went overall.  The blankets I made were a great success and where they had flaws that I’m going to fix, we found vet wrap works wonders.

I sold Magpie and she’s going to a good home.  I decided Gypsy will be staying around for at least another year to see how she grows out.  Diago and Pharaoh both need forever homes though! So if you want a nice, personable pet or two please contact me on my website BBgoats.com

My sister did well also at the fair with her pony and FACS judging.  4-H records are now finished for this year and between the time I have to spend on the fall musical for my high school and my college course I’m going to be working a little harder to keep this updated.  And as soon as possible I’m going to scan and post the newest comic I drew.  “Ninja Bunny!” If you think you can guess what it’s about leave a reply, we’ll see how many people guess it right! XD